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Change of Mind
We are happy to refund if you simply change your mind:
The original goods invoice must be within the previous 28 days.
The shipping from yourself to us is at your cost.
The goods must be returned in an as new resellable condition as they were provided. Damaged or modified items will not be accepted.
Damaged or modified items received by us will remain at our premises until you arrange return shipping back to you.
We will refund the cost of the product only. We will not refund the shipping.
We charge a restocking fee per consignment of $15. There is no restocking fee for exchange products, eg ordered the wrong item.
Under no circumstances do we refund Fuel Injection components or electrical equipment. Please choose these items wisely.

Wrong item sent
It happens. We all make mistakes. If we have sent you the wrong item we will re-send the correct item to you along with a pre-paid shipping label to return the incorrect item. We ask you to drop the return item at your local Post Office at your earliest convenience.

Faulty item
Simply we need proof the item has a manufacturing defect. We bench test every Starter Motor and Alternator, all other items are checked for physical damage prior to leaving Circle D. If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect you will need to send us proof in the form of a picture via email. Our contact page is here. Alternatively you can send the item to us to verify. If we believe your item has a manufacturing defect we will send you a replacement. If the item does not have a manufacturing defect the item will remain at Circle D until arrangements are made to return the item back to yourself. In the event of a major, irreparable failure we will offer you a choice between either a repair, replacement or full refund including postage.