Luzhong 454 Tractor 20 Piece Package


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We have teamed up with our trusted supplier in China to provide you with a complete Tractor, Loader, Backhoe and Implements package. Read on....


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AU $21,806.00 incl.

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LZ500 series TractorLuzhong 454 50hp Tractor
4WD with upgrades:14.9-24
rear tires for extra traction.
Shuttle Shift gearbox.
ROPS with Sunshade.
Multi-way valve giving four hydraulic remotes.
Comfortable spring seat.
Tractor comes fully assembled with the Loader fitted, drive out of the container.
LZ500 series with LoaderFront End Loader
Incredibly strong with convenient quick release Euro 4 headboard. Simply throw over the lever, disconnect the hydraulic hoses and the bucket is removed. Being Euro 4 a variety of attachments will fit. The 4in1 bucket comes with dual cylinders which is much superior and has a much stronger clamping strength than the central single cylinder designs.
Bucket Level IndicatorBucket level indicator
See the angle of the bucket at a glance.

LW7 Backhoe
Self contained oil reservoir with step up PTO pump giving fast response to the hand controls.
2.15m maximum digging depth.
3.36m maximum digging radius.
140° swing angle.
400mm bucket width.
0.045m³ bucket capacity.

Slasher5ft Slasher
Medium duty general purpose will adequately maintain a variety of grasses and light scrub. Adjustable height skids. Internally braced 3mm clear deck with a 10mm supporting plate under the gearbox. Front and rear stone guards. 30hp gearbox. Rear wheel. Slip clutch PTO shaft.
Pallet ForksPallet Forks
Mounts directly to the Euro 4 Loader via the quick release.
Bale SpearBale Spear
High tensile tines. Mounts directly to the Euro 4 Loader via the quick release giving the full reach of the Loader.
Tow Hitch

Tow Hitch
Hook up your trailer without leaving the Tractor cab. Tow a trailer, a boat, anything that has a Trailer coupling. Ideal to raise your draw bar to help empty the trailer.

Single RipperSingle Ripper
300mm cutting depth with tensile cutting blade.
Lay irrigation pipe easily by attaching this to the single ripper. 60mm ID.
5 Gang Ripper5 Gang Ripper
Multiple tines for ripping hard ground. Ideal for soil preparation prior to planting.
Grader Blade

6ft Grader Blade
Maintain a dirt or gravel road, cut a contour, maintain drains, tidy up edges. With 360 degree blade rotation cutting at an angle is easy to achieve. Offset capabilities will allow the blade to extend past the wheel track, essential when cutting near a fence line. The reversible blade will give you an additional cutting edge should the first edge be damaged.

Landscape Rake6ft Landscape Rake
360 degree rotation for raking, light harrowing, fire break maintenance, final soil surface preparation, etc.
Carry All5ft Carry All
Strong yet light weight for removal from the 3PL. Anything and everything can go on this. Spray pack, 44 gallon drums, tools, fencing equipment, etc. One of the most handy 3PL attachments available.
Transfer Box

4ft Transfer Box
Great for carrying tools, fencing equipment or any number of other things. The rear tailgate can be removed to scoop up soil, gravel, mulch etc. The spring loaded leaver will release the bucket to allow dumping which will lock back into place once the bucket has been lowered to the ground.

Box Blade6ft Box Blade
6 adjustable height rippers with reversible high carbon cutting blades front and rear. A Box Blade operates in a similar fashion to a Grader however the shavings are contained within the box acting as a reservoir filling any divots as you go. Indispensable if you have a gravel or dirt driveway.
Post Hole DiggerPost Hole Digger
25hp Gearbox with a slip clutch PTO shaft.
Auger SetAuger set
1 x 6 inch Auger
1 x 9 inch Auger.
1 x 12 inch Auger.

This is a special package we have negotiated with our supplier in China, it cannot be changed. Don't need all the implements? Sell some and reduce your total outlay.

Payment for the goods is due immediately upon purchase. The order will not be processed with China until the goods are paid in full. All invoices for shipping, government charges, brokerage, GST, etc are not due until just prior to the goods landing in Australia and are paid to your broker. Expected arrival will take between two and three months from the placement of the order.

We can ship this package to anywhere in the world.

Luzhong 500 Series 4wd Tractor Specifications

The 500 Series refers to the Chassis the Tractor is built on which range from 40hp through to 75hp. Basically the same drive train with a different engine. There are two variations to the 500 series, the full size 500 series and the Greenhouse 500 series. They share the same drive train with the exception of the wheel base, tire sizes, and options. The full size 500 series has a much wider wheel base than the Greenhouse. As the name suggests, the Greenhouse Tractors are designed for narrow confined spaces found in vineyards, greenhouses, etc. Low height and narrow track. They are however as strong as each other. The full size Tractors range from 40hp to 55hp, the Greenhouse Tractors range from 55hp to 75hp.

Full Size 500 SeriesGreenhouse 500 Series

Tractor Features
ROPS with Sunshade.
Power Steering
Comfortable adjustable suspension seat.
Front & rear lighting.
Rear wheel weights.
Category 2 Three Point Link.
2 speed PTO 540 ⁄ 1000rpm.
F35 Rectangle PTO Spline with 6 teeth.
Multi-way valve giving four hydraulic remotes.
Additional hydraulic remote for tipping trailers.

Tractor Features
Foldable ROPS with Sunshade.
Power Steering
Comfortable adjustable suspension seat.
Front & rear lighting.
Rear wheel weights.
Category 2 Three Point Link.
2 speed PTO 540 ⁄ 1000rpm.
F35 Rectangle PTO Spline with 6 teeth.
One in and one out Hydraulic remote.

Drive System
Dual Stage Clutch.
Shuttle Shift Gearbox.
4 forward + 4 reverse Transmission, 8 forward and 8 reverse with Hi/Lo.
Differential lock.
Selectable 2WD / 4WD.
Drive System
Dual Stage Clutch.
8 forward + 2 reverse Transmission.
Differential lock.
Selectable 2WD / 4WD.

4 Cylinder inline.
Water cooled.
Direct injection Diesel.
4 Cylinder inline.
Water cooled.
Direct injection Diesel.
R1 Agricultural tires.
8.3-20 front tires.
Larger 14.9-24 rear tires for extra traction.
R1 Agricultural tires.
6.00-12 front tires.
11.2-20 rear tires.
Length 3835.
Width 1620.
Front wheel tread 1280.
Rear wheel tread 1300 or 1200 to 1500 adjusted.
Axle base 2030.
Minimum ground clearance 325.
Length 3450.
Width 1120 to 1475.
Front wheel tread 880/960/1080/1130 adjustable.
Rear wheel tread 880 to 1600 adjustable.
Axle base 1830.
Minimum ground clearance 240.

Importing can be a complicated process that requires declarations, customs entries, researching classifications for duty, etc. It's all about the paperwork and there is a lot of it. Getting it wrong can cost an extreme amount of money and cause costly delays. Rest assured, we take care of all this for you. I can go into an immense amount of detail however I will try to explain what's involved as simply and as briefly as possible.

Goods invoice:
This is the FOB amount. FOB is the "Free on Board" amount which is the cost of the goods themselves delivered from the manufacturers warehouse to the port of departure in China. 

Shipping cost are generally the same to all the major ports in Australia. Shipping charges will also vary dependent on the month of the year, ie peak season, the USD exchange rate, competition within the shipping industry, etc.

Government taxes and fees:
Duty is calculated on the value of the items and the tariff category they fall into. Most agricultural equipment is duty free however some items will attract duty.
AQIS fee, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service fee.
ACS fee, the Australian Customs Service fee.

GST which is calculated on the AUD value of the taxable items at the time of arrival in Australia.

Local taxes and fees:
Port service charges which will vary from Port to Port.
Associated fees and taxes applicable to your Port of arrival, if any.

The fee charged by your Broker for their services performed. You are free to choose whichever shipping agent and broker you prefer. If you do not have an agent we will happily forward your details to a trusted Australian agent with excellent communication updates whom we have used many times previously. Regardless, we will forward the shipping documents, declarations, certificates and customs entries to the agent of your choosing. We make no profit from either the shipping or the brokerage.

Customs Tariff entries, Certificates, Bill of Laden, Packing Declaration, Test Reports, the list goes on and on. These are all essential requirements to ensure trouble free importation without delay. An important issue right now is the importation of Asbestos which can be found in brake and clutch linings. We have had these components tested by an independent authority which we will supply to your Broker along with all the other required declarations. Without these certificates you may be forced to have the goods dismantled by an authorized mechanic where the components will be removed and taken to a laboratory for testing. Needless to say the costs involved to transport to a bond store, unloading fees, mechanical fees, laboratory fees, storage, container detention, etc are substantial and have been known to be more than the value of the goods themselves.

So what will my total cost be?
For an example we will use an AU $20,000 package to the Port of Fremantle. The following figures are from a 20 foot container we have imported previously which arrived during the peak shipping period of December. For simplicity I have omitted the cents:

Goods invoice AU $20,000, GST taxable.
Overseas freight AU $882, GST taxable.
Duty AU $105, GST taxable however we will attempt to reduce the duty to zero with the Australia China Free Trade Agreement now in place.
AQIS AU $45, GST free.
ACS AU $152, GST free.
Port service AU $745, GST taxable.

Calculating the GST:
$20,000 + $882 + $105 + $745 = $21,732 giving a GST value of $2,173.

Now we can calculate the cost to the Port of Fremantle:
Goods invoice $20,000
Overseas freight $882
Duty $105
AQIS $45
ACS $152
Port of Fremantle $745
GST $2,173
Giving a total of $24,102 including GST. You will need to add brokerage which will vary between Brokers but allow a couple of hundred dollars.


GST, Duty, etc is calculated at the time your goods arrive in Australia and is payable on or just prior to that date. For example, on the above figures you would pay to us the $20,000 upon the purchase of the goods, you would then pay the balance of $4,102 when the goods are due to arrive in Australia.

Our invoice to you is for the Free On Board amount of the goods themselves. There is no GST payable to us on this invoice even though we are an Australian registered company that holds an ABN. GST is calculated and paid for on the date of arrival to Australia.

Even though the dollar amounts above were taken from an actual container we have imported, these are indicative only. Realistically the shipping and government taxes will be what they will be. The industry is very competitive, your broker and shipping agent will find you the best deal. That is their job, that is what they do.

We are happy to answer any questions and would appreciate any feedback about this page. Our contact page is here.

About Luzhong Tractors

Here's how it works in China. Many small factories manufacture the parts which are then sold to various Tractor companies. The Tractor company then assembles these parts and they become a brand. You've heard of Foton right? Apart from cosmetics, Luzhong and Foton are very much identical.

Luzhong Tractors are manufactured by Shandong Weifang Luzhong Tractor Co.,Ltd., which is one of the largest private manufacturers of Tractors in China. The company was established in 1996 and has an annual productive ability of 100 thousand sets of 25 series and 30 thousand sets of 400 series Tractors. Luzhong brand Tractors sell well locally in more than 20 provinces, cities and municipalities of China and are also exported to more than 20 countries such as Australia, Algeria South Africa, Pakistan, Albania, Bolivia, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Argentina etc.

About us, Circle D

Who is Circle D?
Circle D is owned by Luzhong Australia Pty Ltd who have been importing Luzhong Tractors for over 11 years. We have an extensive knowledge base with many years experience in servicing and repairs on all brands of Chinese Tractors. We trade from a physical shop front in Western Australia where we stock thousands of spare parts for Chinese equipment. Our company can easily be verified and our online spare parts have a strong presence on the internet.

Why Circle D
Tractor companies do not manufacture the Front End Loader or implements. These are made by various other companies and can vary greatly in quality. The Loader fitted is determined by either the Chinese sales person or the importer, we know which factories to steer clear of. Most important we are a long standing Australian registered company who are bound by Australian law. An investment like this involves a large sum of money, needless to say your risk is lowered immensely by dealing with an Australian company. Not only do we ensure you get the goods from our trusted suppliers, we also complete the paper work for you, including the custom entries.

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